A guaranteed double-take visual, but more interestingly a silent manifesto, “Boobs #1” carries the torch of my artistic campaign. It explores the theme of moral judgements and values, to what extent they are imposed on us by the system, and encourages the viewer to regain power over his own ideals.

The Defenestration of Beauty

We live in a cultural system that's constantly telling us what we should think, what we deserve, what is important to us and what is taboo.

This "moral compass" that is imposed upon us with the pretext of reason, is often irrational and full of contradictions. It doesn't respond to our real, authentic needs, requirements, and values. It's unnatural, and thus it creates a lot of confusion and negativity.

My campaign is about freedom. To free yourself from the moral judgements of others, and to have the freedom (and the willpower) to discover your own. Freedom as an absolute, and not as a relative: Freedom is not to receive protection until you feel safe, and freedom is not to celebrate success or sexuality or weakness or depravity or whatever other pre-established notion we have been taught to accept as the truth…True Freedom is a release, away from the pre-cast choices that we think we are able to select from, that exist only under the supervision of the system, a system that tells us what Freedom is supposed to signify.

It is taboo to desire without sex, and it is taboo to experience pleasure without intercourse. It is taboo to use nudity for anything other than protest or self deprecation. It is taboo to give anything to anybody without an exchange. I personify these taboos.

My artwork is a self portrait of a naked torso, candid and unprepared. I found it profoundly interesting how a simple photograph of a female torso can cause such intense emotions, negative in their majority (guilt, resentment, shame). And why? Because of the meaning that we (or rather, our cultural North) have attached to it.

We often think of emotions as primitive, but emotions are far from simple, they are actually very sophisticated processes. They are a consequence of our value-judgements. For an emotion to exist, the brain goes through a cognitive process of abstractions and subconscious integrations, based on your understanding of reality and your moral coding.

An emotion is a mirror of how you perceive reality. And tragically, how you perceive reality is often not up to you, until you become aware.

Freedom, awareness, conscience of thought and of existence, is what I advocate in my Manifesto.

Artwork, sound and manifesto come together for the pursuit of this concept. A wearable collection concept to follow.

The Defenestration of Beauty is a statement that follows the path of Romanticism, in manifesting the primacy of values.


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