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INTERVIEW (By Danae Haro)

Influenced by the 60s, Barbarella doesn’t forget her Spanish origins and she works on collborations that allow her to continue with the multicultural sound that’s her signature. She has a style that remits to Brigitte Bardot or Jane Birkin, with a sensual and delicate vocal that evokes Nabokov’s Lolita, and powerfully attracts attention. If you’re in London you’ll see her singing in a boutique hotel or a bar, like The Scotch (where Jimy Hendrix played for the first time)

Moving to London:

“London was the obvious place to go, I had been here several times before and I speak the language since I was little. It’s such a cosmopolitan city, there is a comprehension for art that I didn’t find in Spain”

Studying Performing Arts:

“School gives you ideas because it forces you to experiment with styles that you might not have chosen. The novelty for me was to be with other singers, and that was fun. When I work I never meet other artists, I spend the time with musicians, producers and photographers. It’s a very solitary job in general”

Your passion for music:

“Music has always been an instinct for me. When I was a little girl I announced my parents that I would be a singer, it was all I did. My instrument was my voice, until much after when I started to play guitar and piano, using beat boxes and Logic. My dad always played the guitar and in our household the constant soundtrack has been his guitar and voice”

Being a woman in the music industry:

“On one hand women move mountains, but you have to demonstrate a supernatural talent to get there, you have to constantly prove how much you’re worth and gain the respect of the guys, who just see us as a pretty face and don’t really accept us in their social circles”

Your album:

“It’s nostalgic and explicit”

Music and fashion:

“For me, sound and images happen simultaneously, it’s not a calculated intention”


- Your sound in three words….Dreamy, irreverent, retro
- What inspires you? Action and adventures
- Music… Alexander Scriabin at the moment. He’s kind of psychedelic
- Books…Anything that Simone de Beavoir will care to write about. Marquis de Sade. Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, the thinkers
- TV & Movies: I’ll never tire of movies about gangsters and prostitutes. And Billy Wilder, Woody Allen, Tarantino. Marlene Dietrich in Orient Express
- Favorite places I’ve visited…Paris, Los Angeles
- I can’t leave the house without…Lipsticks. One brown, and red for emergencies
- Favorite Riot Grrrl…The Slits
- First crush?  Danny Succo in Grease