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I produced my first Boobs Tee circa 2012 and have never made it available until now.A guaranteed double-take visual, but more interestingly a silent manifesto: The Boobs Tee stands for freedom of values.We live in a society that's constantly telling us what we should think, what our values should be, what is right or wrong, what we should consider important.

And this "guidance" that is created for us with the pretext of reason, is often irrational and full of contradictions. It certainly doesn't respond to our real, authentic values. It's imposed on us, and it creates a lot of confusion and negativity. I found profoundly interesting how a simple photograph of a torso could cause such intense emotions on different people.Why is this?

We often think of emotions as primitive, but emotions are far from simple, they are actually very sophisticated. They are a consequence of your value-judgements. For an emotion to be caused, the brain goes through a cognitive process of abstractions and subconscious integrations. What do you feel when you look at certain images? The Tee is a statement that follows the path of Romanticism, in manifesting the primacy of values.