Welcome to the starship. I am Barbarella and this is a vessel for exploration and inquiry

i’ll be your host for the evening.

would you like to come over and you know, read a book?


Entertainment will start at 6pm, and there will be live music, projections and filming

MUSIC and film


Most of what is said about me is true.


There is a polaroid camera on the table, and photographers will be around taking photos. If you don’t wish to participate, just tell me beforehand. I like to experience life like a voyeur.


I’ve been careful to put together people that share a lot of interests, we are all generally creators and have an integrity of purpose, so that should make conversation flow (along with the banana-rum milkshakes. Grab one from the counter and garnish it with rosewater). Everyone will get a goody bag with a t shirt that symbolises our values. And our audacity.





The defenestration of beauty:
concept designs

my contribution to modern philosophy

Boobs Tee #1

Boobs Tee #1

I produced my first Boobs Tee circa 2012 and have never made it available until now.A guaranteed double-take visual, but more interestingly a silent manifesto: The Boobs Tee stands for freedom of values.


The podcast contains my audio diaries and philosophical reflexions

In English + Spanish



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