Barbarella & The Angels INTERVIEW. Concept for Sexy Fish


by Allie T.

Barbarella & The Angels were approached to create an exclusive concept for celebrity-haunt restaurant Sexy Fish in London, where they have been playing since December.

The tailor-made show provides a sensuous musical thread, a soundtrack that creates a multi-sensorial enviroment for the venue. It is meant to captivate but not interfere, hypnotise but not impose.

“I want people to hear a voice in the distance, with a massive reverb, like it’s coming from someone singing in the shower, or in the sea!”

Says the singer, who goes all out for the occassion, in mermaid-inspired evening gowns and headpieces

“The musical director was keen on the spirit of Barbarella, of the sensuality, of the music. We wanted to include our signature anthems, and interlace them with songs that have influenced and shaped my career, and that would be recognisable by the clientele.
I have deliberately avoided anything standard or overdone in the covers circuit, and the difficulty has been that we’ve had to make our own arrangements, effectively converting all these songs that we want to pay homage to, into new songs, because chord sheets the way I want to do them, do not exist.
The result is a setlist that’s meticulously personal to myself and impossible to replicate; that you won’t hear anywhere else. It contains all the elements of my sound, and embraces the music of geniouses such as Nat King Cole, Depeche Mode or The Beatles. It’s a very eclectic and unusual combination of old cabaret jazz made popular by Marilyn Monroe, pure 60s rock n roll “Satisfaction”, and Studio 54 anthems. Mixed in with some beachy St Tropez kitsch that I found very necessary to break the mould and take it somewhere.
I wanna be cool but I also wanna be cheesy. I wanna sing “You can Leave Your Hat on” and make people laugh. I wanna sing “What’s up Pussycat” because nobody does. I also make it a point to include tracks that are unexpected, from smaller 60s songwriters or La Bella Vita singers, because I don’t want to hit people in the head with an over used vocal line that they’ve heard a million times, because that is interruptive. My own “Dream Girl” has become one of people’s favourites, and we premiered “Meet Me” (still to be released) on the second week.
I want this project to be special. I want this to be about the atmosphere, a cornucopia of colour. For this reason, we don’t repeat the same set twice. We’re working very hard on making it fluctuate, and surprise you. I’ve been training a team of exceptional musicians like classical guitarist Andres Miranda, pianist Peter de Havilland (Oasis) and Gonzalo Carrera (Supertramp), so that each time it can be something different. When David Bowie passed, I had to do Starman, and I’m happy to say Bowie will remain an important figure in my set. Keep tuned for “Magic Dance” next”
sexy fish green dress

Feedback from Sexy-goers has been positively thrilling:

“I almost heard it in the distance and then I realised. YES! There’s you singing! And it was beautiful”
“You’re Barbarella! We know you! I'm so excited to hear you sing”
“Tt is soft and mellow and so beautiful I couldn’t get tired of it. You don’t overdo it. It’s a pure sound”
"You are perfect and your voice oh my God I can listen to you all day. Love you and your songs"
“Thank you for the music, it’s truly special”

THE VIRGIN EP glowing Review by Bluesbunny

Our first review of The Virgin EP is out! Click here to read at Bluesbunny (transcript below)

Barbarella & The Angels. They sound like a glamourous band. They even have a singer that goes by the equally glamourous name of Diana Anastasia but, dear yet cynical readers, will their EP “The Virgin” be a triumph of style over substance?
Of course there is nothing wrong with having a bit of style or, indeed, a surfeit of style when you find yourself in the big bad world of pop music and that’s the first thing that strikes you about Barbarella & The Angels. There is not only style but also mood and attitude. Reverb powered mood and attitude but it is there nonetheless and if I had to describe their song “Sad”, for example, then I would say that the song sashays. Fans of Marianne Dissard will know what I mean when I say that the song finds the invisible dust bowls of the city.
“Queen” is similarly introspective in lyrical terms yet, in stylistic terms, struts the catwalk in search of freedom. Again, the superficial may assume pretension when the truth owes more to anguish than the aforementioned attitude. “Heartache”, with its shadows lit not by words but by guitar, steps up the theatricality while Ms. Anastasia gloriously overdoses on smoky sensuality.
Barbarella & The Angels might seem like the kind of band likely to become the darlings of the camera yet there is more here than meets the eye. Fashion comes and fashion goes but Barbarella & The Angels are transcendental

BARBARELLA & THE ANGELS featured on Shoreditch Radio

This morning's show ended with a bang when Disco Sour was introduced to the listeners of Shoreditch Radio. Thank you Peter for the kind words!


Faithless-Crazy English Summer

Young Fathers-Rain or Shine

Alasdair Roberts-Where Twines The Path

Rosenthal-Afraid of Stairs

Martin Carthy-Lord Franklin

Jakil-Don’t You Come Running

Left With Pictures-I Grew Up Too Fast

Crash Island-Across The Skyline

Healthy Junkies-Manifesto

Supertramp-The Logical Song

Kate Rusby-Village Green Preservation Society

Barbarella & The Angels-Disco Sour

Feature on FeedMyFashionEgo


Barbarella & The Angels – Diana Anastasia the Model looks of Jane Birkin and Jean Shrimpton. A great talent worth discovering
The talented songstress by the name of Diana Anastasia hails all the way from her native Spain and splits her time between London, Barcelona and Ibiza recording her new EP in the studio.
Her unique music is seductive, sultry and sophisticated with 60’s rock influences and bohemian sound which is very current with a contemporary feel. She can also do some epic Jazz and Soulful renditions of the song ‘Through with Love” which is my favourite on my playlist.
Diana gets her musical influences from her travels across the globe and taking her talent where ever she feels inspired to create her signature style of music and song writing. Press includes a recent interview with a former Editor of NYLON Magazine the last time we caught up with her in Ibiza and DNA magazine.
Past gigs include performances at acclaimed prestigious venues across London such as the Notting Hill Arts Club and The Library Club on St Martins Lane. Its just what London needs to transport you back to the those good old days of rock and roll or The Black Dice club where I remember dancing the night way to a DJ set by model Jack Guinness.