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Barbarella & The Angels – Diana Anastasia the Model looks of Jane Birkin and Jean Shrimpton. A great talent worth discovering
The talented songstress by the name of Diana Anastasia hails all the way from her native Spain and splits her time between London, Barcelona and Ibiza recording her new EP in the studio.
Her unique music is seductive, sultry and sophisticated with 60’s rock influences and bohemian sound which is very current with a contemporary feel. She can also do some epic Jazz and Soulful renditions of the song ‘Through with Love” which is my favourite on my playlist.
Diana gets her musical influences from her travels across the globe and taking her talent where ever she feels inspired to create her signature style of music and song writing. Press includes a recent interview with a former Editor of NYLON Magazine the last time we caught up with her in Ibiza and DNA magazine.
Past gigs include performances at acclaimed prestigious venues across London such as the Notting Hill Arts Club and The Library Club on St Martins Lane. Its just what London needs to transport you back to the those good old days of rock and roll or The Black Dice club where I remember dancing the night way to a DJ set by model Jack Guinness.